If you haven’t found those one-of-a-kind-ultimate-make-you-a-little-giddy-to-put-them-on pairs of “shoes” yet… then I have something for you!!!  The most incredible things I’ve ever put on my feet – the Sanük ($18-ish and up) pronounced suh-nook.

I imagine the inspiration behind the Sanük as Jesus himself visiting creator Jeff Kelley in a dream and telling him how God wants a perfect pair of shoes made.  After-all Big J did a LOT of walking back in the day, so I’m sure he knows a thing or two about foot comfort.  Now fastforward from 1997 to today and you have several styles to choose from, including the classic… but still insanely comfortable sandal; in Men’s, Women’s & children’s sizes.  Granted, these are not designed for the boardroom my friends… but any WGUBer would be lucky to stroll along the beach, traipse through our Nation’s countryside, or even just chill in the backyard wearing a pair of these.  With colors and styles enough to show off whatever kind of personality you may have… this footwear is the ultimate in casual comfort!!!

Go buy them now!!!!!  NOW DAMMIT!!!!