Okay… let’s all be honest here, camping is a blast; fresh air, cool breeze, cooking out in the open… but games, fishing, hiking really only go so far.  And with technology being such a massive part of our daily lives (cough*blog*cough) around day 2-1/2 we all go through a little tech withdrawal.  It’s sad, yes… but very true.  My go to for these little moments in life?  The iPod Touch ($199 & up).  I choose the iPod Touch over the iPhone because with the touch you’re not tempted to check emails, listen to voicemails, check text messages or peruse the stock market to see how much money you lost this weekend (duh, I know there is WiFi… but on the campsite that should be a no-no).  You’re left with the pure entertainment factor of music, movies, your fav TV shows & thousands of apps.  Everything you love to waste time with all right there in a beautiful little 2.4″x4.3″ shiny body.  Kids screaming out of boredom?  Whip out the iPod touch… Party sagging?  Whip out the iPod touch… tired of watching those f*ing birds after 3 hrs?  Whip out the iPod touch.  tech withdrawals solved… now drink two beers and carry on with the good times!