It’s taken them nearly a year to work out the kinks and get it juuuussssst the way they want it… but FINALLY, after an extended trial period, Starbucks has opened up their mobile payment options (previously available only in Targets across the nation) to ALL of their company-owned stores.

If you haven’t given this a shot yet, it is by far the easiest and most convenient way to pay for anything anywhere.  You simply download the Starbucks Mobile Card app (Free) to your iPhone, add in your info (including credit card if you’d like incredible convenience) and when it comes time to toss out your bones for a little coffee you show them the screen.  They have a fancy new-fangled scanner that will pick it right up. 

Your virtual card out of cash?  Duh, just 3 taps and you can easily add funds.

Why is this any better than paying with a card you ask?  Simple, with the easy and free subscription to the Starbucks Gold Card club buying coffee is borderline awesome… and for every 15-ish points you earn, BAM… a free brew.  FREE PEOPLE!!!  Let’s break that down again: Free to subscribe to the Gold Card, Free to download the app, Free to pay with your app, free coffee for buying the stuff you already love, Free air hugs & Free warm n’ fuzzy feeling for getting so much FREEness.  Today really is a great day isn’t it!!

Starbucks loves you people… and you love convenience.  I’m stoked as hell to have one less card bulking up my wallet, and beside myself that I have just another reason to call my iPhone the best damn phone there is.