Let’s go back to Music!  During the day it’s nice to slow-roast your soul with melodies and the harmonics of a long stroll through our amazing nation.  However, when it’s time to chill around the BBQ or campfire and grill up some amazing food over a few beers (or if your really in the mood to relax you can try some of the WGUB recommended “Tasty Libations“)… a nice upbeat play-list kicks the party into high gear.  And you never know… a neighboring campsite with the USC championship volleyball team may be in the mood to party with nowhere to go.

The way I’ve found to really express my inner rock-god, but in an incredibly portable kinda way, is the iHome iHM7 Portable Multimedia Speakers ($49).  Super compact, and even collapsible, these red little bastards kick out the kind of sound you’d expect from a full-blown dock.  Hiding little magnets in the base (partly for easily connecting them together for storage) they even connect to, and hold on, pretty much anything metal you might find lying around.  Powered with a built-in rechargeable battery… the lifespan of the iHM7 is surprisingly long.  I picked these up about a year ago, and they have been an essential piece to not only my camping arsenal… but I keep them in my car’s center console for the spontaneous party which breaks out from time to time at the office or rush-hour freeway parking-lot (it could happen).  Here’s a little about the iHM7 straight out of iHome’s mouth:

Description – Sound Beyond Size! The iHM79 is the perfect stereo speaker system for your iPod, iPhone, iPad, Macbook or any Laptop and MP3 player. These compact speakers attach magnetically in a capsule shape for ultimate portability, then separate and extend for surprisingly big stereo sound that must be heard to be believed.

Features two amplified speakers with built-in rechargeable batteries, vacuum bass expansion, USB charging, and comes with a protective carrying case.

Features –

  • Convenient carry case and cord wrap included
    • Plays audio from iPod, iPhone, iPad, computer, handheld game systems, other audio devices equipped with 3.5mm audio jack
    • 2 collapsible speakers fit in your palm for ultimate portability
    • Each speaker contains built in amp powered by rechargeable battery
    • Includes speaker cable with USB plug for charging speakers
    • Vacuum bass design for enhanced low frequency response and sound beyond size
    • Magnetic base keeps speakers together for travel