With the way technology is burrowing its way into every teeny tiny aspect of our lives we all sometimes find ourselves a bit overwhelmed by the all mighty charger.  Outlet real estate is becoming increasingly more important with ever new must-have gadget that comes along… and sometimes our little battery buddies have to suffer.  The answer?  There are many really… fancy wood-stained cubbies with cables hidden underneath… old-school multi-plug strips maxed out to capacity and ideally hidden behind a piece of furniture… or another option.  An option that actually allows to you show your tech.  One that displays it all King Arthur and the roundtable style.  A charger called the Power Slice ($TBD).

Take your thoughts on charging stations and just toss them on out the window.  These guys are cleverly re-inventing the design all together.  You start off by purchasing the PowerSlice system which is the portion that plugs into the wall for all of that yummy electricity your gadgets crave.  Next, you buy individual “slices” that slide into place for whichever devices your want to charge.  Cell Phones, headsets, speakerphones, iPods… basically anything you can possibly think of, they have a slice that will fit it.  You choose up to 4, or use the included blank cover,  away you go!

Okay, so making a universal charger sound excited is not that easy… but the Power Slice really does take a regular boring-as-hell, but necessary, device and make it look like something you wouldn’t mind having on your desk or around your living room.

It’s incredibly easy to set up for your favorite devices, It’s not nearly as ugly as most chargers and you can power it down when not in use (for those of you who hate the many energy vampires we already have).

Why?  Why the hell not, is what you should be thinking.