Originally Posted May 30th, 2012

When you read something dramatic like “The Future of Shades has Arrived” does your mind immediately go to some sort of futuristic spaceman/Air-Filter looking sunglasses like they used to show us in all of those crazy 80’s “This is what the future will look like” movies?  Yeah me too.

Which made it all that much more surprising when I discovered the most futuristic sunglasses I’ve ever worn had a pretty classic style to them!  Introducing the last pair of sunglasses you’ll ever need to buy… Maui Jim’s Mala ($320).


“But WhiteGlossy… 2 things, dude $320!!!… and those look pretty normal.  How are these all futurey and stuff?”  Glad you asked… but first of all bro, futurey isn’t a word.

Let me break it down for you like this:  1. Yes, under normal circumstances $320 may be a pretty good chunk of change for sunglasses but let me put you at ease… the style of these badass shaded specs are timeless!!!  It’s like a cross between an aviator and a totally successful “I have a summer-house at the beach” kinda guy.  It’s a look that has been gracing the mugs of the creme-de-la-creme for quite some time, and let’s be honest with each other… it’s time you joined the ranks.  2. If you are one of “those” people who only shop for sunglasses on the rotating racks in Target because you are notorious for sitting on your shades, throwing them from your head while being awesome, loaning them to Todd that jackass who breaks everything or are a just all-around clumsy ass… take a deep breath, Maui Jim has one hell of an AMAZING warranty on their glasses!!!  The lenses are all you… but if those frames of yours become damaged they’ve seriously got your back.  Hell… they even have a 30 day guarantee.  If you don’t like them, send them back for a FULL REFUND.  Who else does that?

Let’s talk more about why these amazing shades are so futuristic: The frames are made out of lightweight titanium and high-grade nylon, coupled together by a mixture of magic and awesomeness… and done so with a hingeless design (i.e. no need for screws!) for a truly superior comfort and fit.  I’ve literally walked out of my house and forgot these were on top of my head!!!  they are SO INCREDIBLY LIGHT!!!!!!!

Now… about the most important part of any pair of sunglasses… the lenses.  I can wax poetic for days about how amazing these are… but, I think it would be best to let the peeps at Maui Jim themselves tell you all about it:

HCL® Bronze: For everyday variable conditions, from full sun to overcast. Provides excellent contrast. Great if you love a warm, subtle bronze tint.

Maui HT™: High-Transmission for times when most lenses would be too dark — sharper contrast and more vibrant color for early morning, late afternoon and foggy days. Heightens contrast and depth of field so that low light is perceived with new vibrancy.

PolarizedPlus®2: In every pair of Maui Jims you’ll find our patented, color-infused lens technology that wipes out 99.9% of glare, 100% of harmful UV and boosts color via specially designed lens treatments. So your view is clearer, with crisper contrast and amazing brilliance.

MauiPure™: The perfect lens for your everyday active lifestyle, MauiPure™ is the lightest weight choice for long days in the sun. Scratch- and impact-resistant. Injection molded for the crispest optics next to glass.

I’m telling you… the technology used to design and make these sunglasses a reality are something from the future.  they are taking things used on spaceships and hi-tech machinery and putting it into your sunglasses.  These scream “FUTURE” from every ounce of their being… while also making that hot chick you see at Starbucks every morning give you a second look.  It’s like driving a Porsche without all the douchery.

I’ve worn my Mala’s in the city… at the beach… on a bike ride… a day at the park… a sporting event… and driving… without even the slightest discomfort, glare or lack of seeing exactly what I wanted to see.  these.  glasses.  are.  amazing!!!!!  Truly and awesomely perfect in every way.  The best thing I can say about these glasses is this… I will continue to review and try every pair of sunglasses I can get my hands on because I will always want to bring you the best of the best, but in my mind… I’ve already found the last pair I will ever need.  This is my gold standard that all others will be judged against.

Toss in the slick cleaning cloth/travel pouch and off-the-hook stylish hard-shell case for extra protection (you can see it in the pics above and below)… and it stupid not to pick these up!

Buy them… wear them… love them.  Thank me later.