I’m pretty sure I just came in my pants a little.  Why you ask (fine, I’ll pretend you asked)… because while it’s 100°+ across the country, this awesome little piece of alcoholic delight is keeping my next round at a frigid 10°!!!  Yes, 10°!  And without the inconvenience of hauling your old fridge out to your garage, or back-yard.

This “Colder than Ice” 25oz liquor chiller is the bomb-diggity mi amigos!  Aptly named the “Margaritaville Liquor Chiller”, this mechanical manna from heaven will set you back about $200.

Yes, that is about the same price as a generic freezer at your local box store… but damn it man, does that freezer induce nipple-hardening joy at the mere sight of it?  NO!  Does that freezer allow you to hang outside with your party guests instead of running back and forth to the kitchen for more ice?  NO!  Is that freezer’s web-link posted right HERE?!?!  Hell-to-the-NO!!!

So check it, and if you happen to get lucky from the instant bump in status this will absolutely gain you… send pictures.