We all have our days where we are down.  But now you can pay for a pick me up.   In an innovative idea, the website AwesomenessReminders.com will help drag  you out of your rut.   For only $10 dollars a month this company will call you daily to remind you how awesome you are. Consider it an audible motivational poster.  Neat idea, and we are sure people will do it just because it is funny. 

However, if you are into penny-pinching, we at the WGUB already know you are awesome daily.  If you ever need a pick me up, we can accommodate that for free.  Send us a message and we will try to make you feel better about yourself in only the way we know how.  With scathing sarcasm and the undeniable ability to be whitty. 

So check out both services, and let us know which you like best..