Men stink, it’s what we are good at.  And we sure as hell don’t like that candles our women bring into the place.   There is a company that is catering to what every man likes, weird smells.  We think they are more catering to the gag gift market, but a sale is a sale right? 


The Mandle Company specializes in the not so familiar smells in the world.  If they had a storefront, we are sure that it wouldn’t smell anything like that store you visit twice a year to buy your woman something smelly and nice.

With scents like Dirt, Grass, Rawhide, Fresh Tin, Pizzeria, and Meat and Potatoes what man wouldn’t want to dim the lights in his garage, grab some cucumber slices, light one of these and crack a cold beer.  Wait, we mean crank up the Rush, crack a beer and then light one of these. 

Some of the better scents that round out the collection are Skunk, Space Cake (yeah, magic brownies), Swimsuit Model, (we hope they collected real sweat from a swimsuit model, lucky bastards) Jim, Jack, & Johhny (that’s a whiskey scented candle), Vampire Repellant (Garlic),and Stogie (Smells like your cheap Uncle Earl).

We don’t know if we would ever light one of these up in our own man cave, but these would make a great gift for that guy in your group that everyone doesn’t like very much.  Either way, these are great products, and cool enough to be here.  Check them out!