Are you thinking of ditching the cable?  Many people are these days.  And for good reason.  Mostly there is nothing on and it is overpriced.  If you are like me, you pay around $1000 a year for cable.  That is a lot of green to pay for a bunch of channels you don’t watch.

With the popularity of Netflix and Hulu Plus coming, a lot of people are finding that with a better investment in a high-speed internet plan, they can get all the TV they really want.  Another tool that most people turn too is the HD antenna to pick up their local stations.  The only downfall to that there is no good way to record stuff over your antenna.  Aside from using a VCR, but who owns those anymore?  (ok, I still have one somewhere in a box)

Now you can DVR your favorite local shows via your HD attena thanks to the Channel Master CM-7000PAL DVR ($340).  The product has favorable reviews around the tech sector and of course we think it is really cool.  A little on the pricey side for sure.  But if you are wanting the DVR experience, this box will do the trick for you.  For more, check here.

The Channel Master CM-7000PAL is the first DVR box offered by Channel Master. We are extremely excited to bring this innovative product to the market which is sure to enhance your TV viewing experience. With this unit you can view and record local over-the-air digital broadcasts. With the DVR you can pause, fast forward and rewind your programs, you can even use the slow motion feature to watch clips frame by frame. The DVR offers an electronic program guide which allows you to pre-set recording schedules so you never miss your favorite shows. Unlike many other DVR set-top boxes, there are NO monthly subscription fees. This unit includes an infrared remote control which operates the CM-7000PAL DVR and up to three other components.

  • View and record local over-the-air digital broadcast
  • Record up to 130 hours of SD content or up to 30 hours of HD content
  • Pausing, fast forward and rewind functions
  • Electronic programming guide
  • No subscription fees