As if you thought we would neglect some of the more obvious weapons that you might need in your arsenal for the pending zombie apocalypse.  Of course you are going to need your standard melee weaponry and specialized ammo.  Earlier we set you up with our picks for taking off some Zombie heads, but in case you should have limited ammo or you melt your barrel during all the carnage you are waging.  You are going to need some more back up weapons.

During a deep discussion on the subject of melee weapons, my esteemed colleague WhiteGlossy made the astute observation, “If I were getting all medieval on the undead with a blade… I’d bust into the nearest Pawn shop and get myself a freaking samurai sword (or two)!!!!!  Just saying.”  Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. 

What better way to cleave off some zombie heads then going all Bruce Willis/Zed’s dead on them?  We can’t think of a better way.

But wait, we know you might be saying to yourself, “I just don’t feel comfortable with a samurai sword, I consider myself more of a machete kind of person..”  (Cause we’ve all said that right?)  Don’t worry we have just the ticket for you on that front as well.   From our good friends at Gerber have the Gator Machete which is great for not only bushwhacking through the undead, but for felling small trees as well. 

The Gator Machete wields a 15 inch fine edge blade on one side, a 18 inch high performance saw blade on the other, and our proprietary Gator rubber grip for ergonomic control while using either. The riveted, nylon sheath provides safe, durable transport.

Those are all fine and dandy, but we all know that from time to time you might need to get a little more up close and personal with these little bastards.   Once again we have delved into supplies provided by Gerber and found just the gem for you.  The Epic Serated Edge fixed blade knife.  Best thing is, after you have wiped the blood from it you can crack a cold one with the attached bottle opener.  Simplicity at it’s best.

Fixed blade knives are rarely this dynamic. From the compact size and sturdy feel to the bottle opener and blunt tip, the Epic is the perfect knife for any camper. Cook, eat, drink, and be merry. The reversible pocket clip is designed for right or left carry. The locking sheath allows for tip up or tip down carry.

Not to be forgotten is the ammo for your gun.  For your rifle and pistol, the usual high velocity rounds will probably work just fine.  But we ran across some shells for your shotgun that will rain death (again) upon these evil dead bastards.  This is the kind of stuff you might want to stock up on in advance.  And at $50 a box it isn’t a joking matter, but either is an army of blood thirsty devil spawn.  Pick up a couple of boxes of the 12 Gauge Flechette Ammo

This is 12 gauge ammo loaded with Flechette darts. A Flechette is a small dart shaped projectile, which have fins and is made from steel. This unique application of loading these Flechette darts into 12 gauge shells was widely used in Vietnam for taking out snipers hiding in thick cover and trees. Due to the penetration of these projectiles, tree limbs and brush would not disperse the darts. Even if some were dispersed, this would still have an all-covering pattern within a tree or brush. This ammo is extremely deadly in thick cover. Generally 25 to 30 of these darts are placed in each 12 GA. shell.

In fact, if you want an interesting look at all kinds of ammo go to this site and check it out.  Kind of scary and titillating all in the same instance.

There you have it folks, if all this weaponry doesn’t at least buy you a few weeks living amongst the zombies we don’t know what else will.  We’ve given you the tools, now it’s up to you to use them.