Steady your breathing.  Calm your nerves.  Star Wars fans, prepare to have your mind blown.   Well, that might be a stretch, but just go with it please?

Everyone knows that every true man needs a spy kit.  That’s right, I said it.  Why not go with some cool ass Star Wars inspired stuff?  We can think of no reason not to.  But you will have to hold your horses, cause this great looking stuff doesn’t come out until the fall.  Until then, read up on all our Star Wars related stuff here.

Voice Changer:
Now fans can transform their own voices into their favorite characters from Star Wars. The Voice Changer features three different character voices — including Darth Vader, General Grievous and Boba Fett. Simply breathe into the voice changer to sound like one of the most notorious villains in the galaxy!

Vader CD Boombox:
(This was previously a European exclusive from another manufacturer) As music blasts out of the speakers, the imposing eyes of Darth Vader are set aglow with bright red LED lights. The radio CD player is compatible with any model MP3 player and includes six control buttons to adjust the music. The volume control button is integrated into Darth Vader’s mouth where the CD is positioned to play. Batteries not included.

Search & Capture Sensor:
Just like the notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett, kids can track down their prey with the Star Wars Search & Capture Sensor (sharp-eyed fans will recognize this design as similar to the device used by Han to locate Luke on Hoth). The Search & Capture Sensor helps track down bounties with a hot/cold sensor. Featuring lights and sounds, the sensor reads the bounty chips (three included) and fans can play with up to five friends. Additional chips are sold separately.

Perimeter Droids:
Based on the design of Darth Maul’s seeker droids from The Phantom Menace, these “perimeter droids” will sound off when a beam is broken between them. Perfect for guarding a doorway from Rebel infiltrators!

Night Vision Goggles:
These will allow kids to see at night and may include a “sonic hearing” device that will amplify sound so kids can listen in on Rebel spies. There may also be some type of targeting device incorporated.

Spy Hunter Watch:
Patterned after Jango Fett, this watch has a built-in LED saber dart, tells time, and has a motion heat sensor alarm. When put on a table and activated, the heat sensor alarm will sound when someone walks by.