I hear you… I hear you!!!  “WhiteGlossy… it’s Wednesday morning and I am in desperate need of more RoboCop!!!”  Hey, we’ve been there!  And we found a way to help.  The RoboCop App ($0.99 iPhone/iPod Touch; $1.99 iPad) by MGM Studios.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 yrs since this walking heap of stiff metal strolled its way down a futuristic Detroit, but like most of the classic 80’s mega-flicks… RoboBuddy is coming back with all kinds of revamps and Blue-Ray upgrades.  iTunes app included!  There are all kinds of fun audio & video clips built into this app.  You’ll also find a fun add-on that allows you to speak into the mic and be translated  into the voice of officer Murphy’s reincarnated RoboCop.

Here’s a fun video for the app followed by how MGM describes the app in iTunes:


Carry RoboCop in your pocket and never travel unarmed again! In honor of RoboCop’s upcoming 25th anniversary, MGM Studios brings the crime-fighting half man, half machine to your fingertips with the official RoboCop video and sound byte App for iPhone and iPod Touch. Re-live your favorite RoboCop moments with iconic clips, one-liners and sound bites. In addition, you can now interact as the infamous action hero with the brand new RoboMouth (RoboHead for iPad). Simply hold your device in front of your face to deliver RoboCop’s timeless quotes OR speak into the microphone and come up with quotes of your own! Never leave home without the ultimate crime fighting partner again! You can bring RoboCop to your Apple device for an amazing deal now. In the words of RoboCop himself, it’s “Your move, creep!”