It’s the first day back after a long weekend and your ass is dragging!!!  You’re calculating how long it will take Carl in accounting to make his rounds past your desk so you can sneak away to Starbucks for a quick coffee fix.  Your biggest concern though is how will that Venti iced triple shot coffee last you through the entire day (After that back-to-back boozapalooza you just pulled off). 

Well, Starbucks has heard your concerns and answered.  Introducing (TODAY) their brand new size… “Trenta“!  With a whopping 7oz’s more than it’s baby brother Venti, this mutha of all coffee drinks will not only last you all day but will also do so while only knocking you back an extra $.50.  Starbucks is said to be watching the additional calorie intake very carefully and doing their best to keep it down.  It’s really not often that I want a drink big enough to be considered a blunt force object… but there are definitely days that I need a pick-me-up which doesn’t require a top-off just when it starts doing it’s job.

Here’s the small catch!  For now they are only offering this new gigantor-size for their iced drink line-up (coffee, tea & tea lemonade).  However, if this thing works… look for a larger variety of options.

Also, this only kicks off today in 14 states… our Cali buddies will have to wait until Feb 1st.