Are you like me and still love your old vinyl records?  There is something about the gritty poppy greatness that just brings back memories of sipping Pepsi from a glass bottle on a hot summer day and trying to sneak a grab of your girlfriend’s left breast while making out… Whoops, was that too much memory lane for you? 

Well now, you can enjoy vinyl records anywhere you go with the Soundwagon ($100) This bad boy looks just like a VW bus, but is also a portable record player.  Simply place it on your favorite 33-1/3 rpm record and thanks to its 9-volt battery it starts making it’s journey around your record, all the while playing the beautiful music from its tiny speaker.

Are you going to get stereophonic sound from this?  Of course not.  But at the minimum you get a pretty cool conversation piece for around $100.  More here.


• Officially Licensed by Volkswagen
• Under new product development and management (STOKYO CORPORATION)
• Number one Grey marketed record player in the World, no doubt…
• Always has been the mystery player for diggers
• Smallest, most convenient record player in the World
• Featured in Turntable TV during the ISP days and have now expanded to be covered Worldwide in magazines, tv, movies, etc.
• Once know as the “Vinyl Killer”, now back to it’s original name, “SOUNDWAGON” with enhanced SOUND QUALITY (best in its class)
• DO NOT compare this with any other imitation, this is the original SOUNDWAGON
• New and improved needles and cartridge unit
• Parts and various components upgraded since it’s last version (”Vinyl Killer”)
• Available servicing and maintenance in America, Europe and Asia, through STOKYO CORP.