Not to be outdone… MTV Games & Harmonix are knocking you out with a solid 1-2 combo of “Rock Band 3” and “Dance Central”.  Here’s what we know:

Rock Band™3, the music game that’s already garnered more than a dozen awards including Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 “Best Social/Casual Game” will have a ridiculous amount of songs to rock you and your drunken guests into a buzzing stupor.  Doors, Queen, and 83 other solid Rock Gods, a wireless Keyboard, an UNBELIEVABLE new guitar (designed beautifully by MadCatz)… all things to make you cream a little.  The WGUB should have one in-hand soon and will rock our hearts out… then tell you all about it.  Here is a cool video from the Game Hunters at USA Today.

Also, Dance Central – the first full body, controller-free dance video game that uses the soon-to-be released Kinect for Xbox 360.  Dance Central has earned more than 20 awards and was named Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 “Best Original Game” and “Best Motion Simulation Game.”
Not a lot is known about this one yet either… but we are working hard to bring you everything that we can!!!  Hold on to your rocking asses friends… this is going to be one hell of a 2nd half to this wonderful 2010!
Pic courtesy of MTV Games