Recently reported that more and more people are staying home to drink, as opposed to going out to bars and clubs.  In this tough economic times the home cocktail party is showing much of a resurgence then the trendy, often overpriced club.  Also gone are the purchases of higher end spirits as a way to stretch the dollar.  We are all about good deals, and sometimes you find a diamond in the rough if you just look hard enough.  Svedka Vodka is one of those.

Don’t get me wrong, given the choice to get Grey Goose, Ketel One, or Belvedere in your drink is always a nice choice.  But those vodkas should be reserved for your martinis, not everyday vodka drinking.  That is where Svedka really shines.  Imported from Sweden for a 1.5 liter of this wonderful spirit, you end up spending about 20 dollars at your local Vons/Safeway or Albertsons.  And this isn’t your drunk aunt’s Popov Vodka.  This is right in line with Absolut, and Skyy in quality and taste.  It has a subtle flavor to it that doesn’t over power mixers.  It has the quality that doesn’t leave you with the cheap liquor hangover (I’m talking to you Popov).

So if you are throwing a party, and drinks are an option think of this vodka instead of the usual status symbol bottles.  You and your guests won’t be disappointed.