COINGuys?  Does one side of your butt hurt more then the other?  Is it because of a super thick wallet full of credit cards, debit cards, and rewards cards?  Well a solution might be in site for you.  Coin is a card, but so much more then a card.  It allows you to scan your current cards information and sync it to one “credit” card.  When deciding how to pay, you simply scroll through and select which card you would like to swipe.  Pretty neat eh?  Oh and worried about security?  Yeah, the Coin automatically notifies you via a lost Bluetooth connection that you have left it, lost it, or had it stolen.  The Coin then locks itself against further use until the connection is restored.  I guess a premium is put on not losing your phone, leaving your phone, or having your phone stolen too.

For the next 24 days the Coin is on special for $50.00, and looks to go for around $100 normally.

Either way, it is a neat idea, one that the video below can explain better then I can.  Spending $50 dollars on it seems a bit much, but the price isn’t ridiculous compared to the coolness factor.