File photograph of the original cast of the Monty Python troupe arrive at the premiere of a documentary  in New YorkAccording to a report on ALL of the surviving members of comedy troupe Monty Python will be reuniting for a stage show.  John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin and Terry Jones are all due to appear at a press conference this Thursday at The Playhouse Theatre in London’s West End (where Monty Python’s Spamalot is showing) to make their official announcement.

To say I’m excited about their reunion is putting it very very mildly.  Monty Python is the backbone to my entire comedic history.  Hell, they are the inspiration and backbone for much of the comedy we see today!!!  Their influence is deeply ingrained in almost everything you see these days, and not just in the UK… as more and more shows are stealing borrowing their vibe from BBCtv you see it on American television too.

The last time the five remaining members of the iconic comedy group appeared together was in 2009 at their fortieth anniversary celebrations in New York.

The sixth member of the comedy troupe, Graham Chapman, died in 1989.

We’ll be excited for Thursday’s announcement to find out more.monty-python-1200UPDATE!!! Monty Python is now officially on!!! The show, which will be known as “Final Reunion. Sort Of,” will be televised and will see the legendary comedy troupe come together on July 1, 2014 for a live performance at London’s 02 Arena. Tickets will go on sale on November 25th.
Eric Idle, who will direct, said one of the reasons for pulling the event together was “If we left it too long, it would be too late.” It is currently planned as a one-time only performance, but a tour is not out of the question, the group said.
There will be a mix of new material and old, although Cleese noted, “People really want to see the old hits, but we don’t want to do them in a predictable way.”