Got to love American business thinking outside the box.   With video store owners getting hammered by Netflix, Redbox, and Amazon Video some have come up with an innovative idea to get people in the door.  Now you can pick up that new release while getting your tan on.  Well, either before or after.  Call it one stop shopping at least.  Golden brown skin with a copy of Iron Man 2.  A scorching red face with a side of Killers.  Skin cancer with a copy of My Sister’s Keeper.  (That was a little low).

We don’t know if shelling out $15,000 dollars a pop for a good tanning bed is really a good business model just to keep your video store open, but if and when that fails, you should have a nice business to fall back on.  Maybe it will be huge in colder climates and not in sunny California where you can have a natural tan almost year round. 

Thanks to our friends at for the story/laugh though..