Are you a home owner that wants to get solar, but the staggering cost of it just turns you off? We are right there with you on that.  Who wants to shell out 10-30 thousand dollars for solar panels on their house these days, even if it will end up saving you tons over the lifetime of the panels?  It’s just not doable for the everyday person.  But look out in 2011, new options are hitting the market. 

Enter Clarian Power, who just announced it will be launching an affordable way to offset your energy bills with their new plug and play solar panel.   This panel is designed to capture the magical power of the sun, and then plug into any wall socket in your house to send power where it is needed in the home.  A pretty sweet idea indeed.  And at a price of between $600-$800 dollars, the price just seems about right.  According to their website, after rebates available in most states, the price will net you around $200 dollars a panel. 

This modular system, which is expandable isn’t meant to eliminate your power bill, but it is meant to off-set your bills.  The manufacture claims that with its savings it will pay for itself in as little as little as four years depending on where you live and that each panel can offset your bill by around $50 a month.  The manufacture claims that with one panel, you can easily offset the cost of running lights in your house, and with expansion of the system you can easily power your home appliances as well. 

One of the things that really caught our eye was the portability feature on these panels.  Since we live in an era where few people stay in their homes for over 15 years, these might be a better option for people who don’t want to shell out that much money just to leave it behind when they move.  Not to mention this would be great for renters.

For more information on these panels, see the interview with the company here.