If you are like us, you have about a 100 old cell phone chargers at home.  Well, maybe not that many but I’m sure you have more than a couple. And if you are like us, you find this frustrating.  But there might be salvation on the horizon.  Europe is about to be the first to require cell phone manufactures to adopt a universal charger.  The good news is that most manufactures seem to be on board.  Look for the format to probably center around the mini USB connection. 

If and when (or ever) this hits the states really depends on an act of congress (or God in that case).  However, with the popularity of wireless charging mats we wonder if there even needs to be a mandate.  For most tech savvy households, a charging mat is really way to go.  But anything that can help curb waste in the electronics field is fine by us.  Less obsolete chargers to dispose of.