Ok… at the WGUB we normally stay away from anything religious, political or quite honestly… humanizing.  We tend to stick to things like booze, fashion, gadgets and all around awesomeness.  Today, we’re doing something slightly different.  This morning I’m going to ask you a favor.

Give us 30 minutes for a great cause.  Common… you spent 20 minutes playing Angry Birds on the toilet at work yesterday… and 25 minutes discussing last weeks epsiode of the Walking Dead by the water cooler the day before.  This is important.  Hell… it’s so important there is a really good chance you’ve seen, or at least heard, of it already.  If so… share!!!

Take off your cynical hat, knock down that wall you built around your emotions for a few minutes, and watch something that could quite possibly be the most important thing to happen this decade.  Not just because it’s for a good cause and truly making a change… but because it could dramatically alter the way that we, as a human race, make things happen.  We can take control of social media, news and the web… if we try.

Enough talking… this morning it’s all about Kony and making him the most famous person in the world.  The offical website is Invisiblechildren.com and the video is below.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/37119711 w=600&h=500]