The Williams-Sonoma Smoking Gun.  We know, we know, it sounds worse that it really is.  Ever want to impart some smokey flavor to a dish while cooking on your range?  Well here is your solution. 

Now, we don’t want to say that this is a replacement for the tried and true art of smoking meats outside, cause nothing is more manly then being able to cook meat for 12 hours and still have it taste good.  But there are some practical applications to this little toy.  I would use this if cooking with a crock-pot or if you were doing some pan seared steaks.

Running on 4 AA batteries, all you do is light the hickory or applewood sawdust that comes with it, and the smoke is pumped down an 18 inch hose into whatever and wherever you want it. 

We can’t help but mention though, that the first thought that ran through our minds was this thing being used as a quasi-bong.  But that is to each individual purchaser’s discretion.