At one of the most anticipated panels at this years San Diego Comic Con, Marvel Studios finally confirmed their “Phase 2” film schedule.  You can expect plenty of tie-ins within the Marvel Movie Universe picking up where the end of this summers smash Avengers movie left off.  [Spoiler Alert] The villain Thanos who appears toward the end of The Avengers film will be a key player in Marvel’s “Guardian’s of the Galaxy” which will then lead into “Avengers 2.”  Guardian of the Galaxy is one of Marvel’s lesser known cosmic title’s but expect a huge push from Marvel for the title as we get closer to it’s release.  Also, part of the “Phase 2” films for 2013 is Iron Man 3 opening on May 3rd, followed by Thor – The Dark World, which releases on November 8th.  Marvel has a full slate of films for 2014 including Captain America – The Winter Soildier which opens on 4-4-14 and Guardians of the Galaxy on 8-1-14.  Marvel also announced “Antman” which along with “Avengers 2” will most likely fill the 2015 slots for Marvel.  Another Marvel tidbit is that the rights to the Daredevil franchise looks very likely it will revert back to Marvel/Disney unless 20th Century Fox can fast track a film by this fall.  This seems very unlikely and we may see some Daredevil cameo’s in Marvel’s upcoming slate of films.