So, you have a dilemma.  You’re a very active person… playin ball in the yard, riding your bike to & fro, starting up your local chapter of fight club or whatever your means of physical release is.  Then there is the side of you that is responsible, always on time and in dire need of a dependable watch.  What to do… what to do?  If you are here, you’re clearly a person with good taste and refuse to strap just anything to your wrist!!  But you’ve busted enough glass on your nice timepieces to know it’s not appropriate for action.  Damn… whatever will you do?  Listen to us, of course!

Introducing the simple and classic Deuce Brand Fashion Sports Watch ($20).  A brilliantly easy way for anyone with an active lifestyle to have the date & time readily available on their wrist without giving up style points.  Incredibly light (only 10grams) so you won’t even notice it on your wrist… and it won’t affect your jump shot.  Made of surgical silicone rubber for you temperamental types.  Water Resistant, elastic, and just all around freakin cool.  They even add a flattened “bottom” to afford even more comfort when your hand is at rest or working hard against a laptop (like me… right now). 

Make sure you look for the Deuce logo!!!

Word of caution… even though November marked the one-year anniversary of this already huge fashion/sports hit, there are already imitators.  These guys are the real deal and you should def check them out first. 

If anything, Deuce believes in the power behind athletics and donates huge chunks of their profits to both “Miles for Miracles” and “Susan G. Komen for the Cure”.  A very respectable start for any company… do the knock-offs do that?

These people are setting a new standard in the fashion sports industry!! 

Click on the small pics below for nice detail shots of the Deuce… and check out how they got started on their site HERE.