Starting this Friday at 10:30am (right around coffee break #2) Sanuk Footwear… remember them here… is kicking off a little thing they like to call Sanuk News (slogan “Your mornings just got a whole lot funkier”).  It goes without saying,but I’m going to anyway, that I LOVE Sanuk and all of their foot-wrapping awesomeness… as does every person I know who’s ever slid their 10 little piggies into a perfectly designed Sanuk (translated to “How Jesus would have made a shoe” in WGUBinease).  After checking out their website and a little bit of their facebook page I’m almost sold that their news program could be time-well-spent.  Then they drop a sexy little teaser bomb in my lap… and now I am officially game.  Wear the shoes people… we promise you won’t be disappointed, and now… watch their news!!!  Here’s the video preview (Warning… gratuitous mustache alert) [vimeo]