The Expendables… I’m going to just come out and say this upfront, it’s exactly what I thought it was going to be… and I loved it!  If you’re looking for a thinking movie with big plot twists and nail-biting suspense… Inception is still playing in most theaters.  However, if you’re looking for 103min of ass kicking, explosions & more ass kicking by nearly every awesome action movie star from the past 15 years… then get yo ass to the theater!!!  (more after the pic)This movie has a healthy mix of ridiculous hand-to-hand skills between trained bad-asses combined with trained bad-asses vs. regular ass-holes who can barely throw a punch, but are asking for it!  Toss in insane explosions, reeeaaaallly loud guns, and graphic deaths I haven’t seen in quite some time.  (People are literally being blown IN HALF!!!!  Limbs sliced off!!!!  Jeez… just writing this is giving me a little chubby all over again.)  It was like an adrenaline shot to the action movie senses… and with just enough dialog to make you think “Okay, that wasn’t so bad”.  The action stars came out of the woodwork for this fun romp through explosions and knife tossing… including one of my all-time favorites Dolph Lundgren.  You’ll even see a brief cameo (complete with verbal stabs) by the Governator & that smart ass bald guy from Die Hard.  (Ok… I’m being sarcastic, I dig them both)

So yes, I recommend this movie as a means to get your action movie kicks off.  But, I also love how many people are making fun of it!  My favorite quote so far:

@chrisdelia – Just saw ‘The Expendables”. They should have called it “Who Looks More Awful?”

Update – How could I forget!!!  This movie also comes with the amazingly HOT Charisma Carpenter… haven’t seen her in a while, and glad to have her back!  Don’t remember who she is?  duh!!!