Warning, may contain some spoilers

Blood, Guts, Gore, Death, and a franchise coming full circle?  Yes, Saw 3D had all of these and more. 

Picking up where the previous movie left off this movie quickly delves into multiple story lines.  We finally get to see what happened to Carey Elwes after he was able to gain his freedom in the original movie…or do we?  The same story line of Jigsaw’s wife and apprentice continues to play out as the wife seeks police protection in order to bring the apprentice to justice. 

As this storyline is playing out, the underlying storyline of the person being tested is going on.  The person on trial in this movie is a former “survivor” of Jigsaw.  But we find out that this person is obviously lying and we all know Jigsaw doesn’t like liars.  Of course he takes this character and his cohorts through the real tests.  And of course, he fails! 

As for the traps, this movie delivers.  My viewing partner and I walked out and simply asked ourselves, “It must take a sick person to think up these things…”  The bloody highlight of the movie is a scene in where Linkin Park frontman Chester is subjected to a test.  Set in a junkyard, we can boil it down to superglue, new tires, and no seatbelt.  This equals serious disaster.

As far as the movie franchise coming full circle, Jigsaw’s apprentice gets the drop on about 15 cops and Jigsaw’s wife.  We finally get to see the destruction of one of the original traps from the first movie.  The reverse bear claw trap.  Mrs. Jigsaw is the unfortunate recipient of this bad boy.  

Just as it appears that the apprentice is going to get off, he is jumped by..*Gasp* some guys in pig masks.  One of them being Carey Elwes’ character.  We then learn that after he escaped, it was Carey’s character that helped jigsaw all along. 

Did the franchise wrap things up?  Only a little.  Of course they left the door open for more movies, because that is what Hollywood does.  I’m hoping they end it here because it felt like a good ending to the series.  We will see.