Exactly how powerful is word-of-mouth in the tech world?  Angry Birds ($0.99 iPhone/iPod Touch and $4.99 iPad) just hit the 6.5million download mark.  That’s 6,500,000 people who said “Huh, throwing birds at pigs with a sling shot looks like fun”.  Amazingly those smart nerds (I say nerds because I’m jealous of their success!) at Rovio did this without all of the smoke and mirrors marketing normally associated with success.  They instead created a great, fun & a little addicting game that had the chops it needed to last… then let word-of-mouth carry them off to the bank.

I personally have dropped my heroin addiction for the slightly less harmful Angry Birds one… and I think it was a smart move.  They occasionally send new levels and bigger fatter birds to keep it interesting, and my personal life doesn’t seem to be suffering… too much.  It’s at the top of my iPhone game list… and apparently a lot of other people have it on theirs too.  Mad props to Rovio!!! I’m hooked.