Our post earlier most likely tickled your cute bone (it’s right next to the funny one).  This one is guaranteed to choke you up!!!  (ESPECIALLY those of you who spent hours wishing you could inherit a bazillion dollars and becoming Batman as a kid… myself included).  Did I have to pop over and check my emails half-way through the story just to put myself in check?  NO!  I also didn’t pull my ball-cap a little over my eyes or bite one of my nails down a little too short either.  Boys Batman Wish

Instead of recreating the wheel with this post… we’re going to, instead, give you a direct link to the peeps at Jezebel.com who posted a fantastic play-by-play of the day.  It includes THOUSANDS of San Franciscans making signs and cheering a 5yr old BatKid as he saves a damsel in distress and captures the Riddler.  No joke!  This turned so big, so quickly that it broke the Make-A-Wish website.  A MUST READ!!!  Go HERE – http://jezebel.com/afternoon-cry-bat-kid-will-make-your-cold-black-heart-1465351191/@AnnaleeNewitz