We love Twitter!  Not because we find it endearing that some random chickita banana insists on writing every little damn thing she spreads on her slices of white-bread… nay.  We like it because some of the funniest people alive share their crazy and random thoughts throughout the day.  Thoughts that make us chuckle deep down inside of our souls.

To help spread the Twitter love we have now included our live feed (which includes Paystee’s random thoughts… as well as ReTweets of the best-of-the-best, no… no Eric Roberts, Sean Penn’s brother and that swift Asian dude “Best-of-the-Best“, comedians around) on our home-page.  On the left… just under our list of “categories”.

You can find this….

That Way

I mentioned this in our weekly Friday pub crawl meeting, and uncle Paystee had this to say:

Why don’t you Twitter my Facebook where you can “like” my twat!?

Oh Paystee.   You’re such a dick funny guy.