This weekend I had a typical kind of conversation with our good friend PaysteeWhite.  Was it your typical conversation about the weather?  sort-of… here it is for your reading entertainment (Started by Paystee):

I am drinking alone watching sports center. Is there a safe route from your house to my house? I know we’re both lit but for future? All residential route? I think there is….can’t beat that. Or at worst 10 min walk which is great with a drink

There is, but it’s windy as shit.  Deep sigh………….

Windy or windy? Think about it

Gusts of wind that make it windy? My friend Wendy was wound up like a windy top in the windy air?

When did Wendy hit the windy world?

Wendy would wind wood with waxy wusses while watching wicked wasps with wild wicker watches. Wishfully. What? Whatever.

Wow… wizards won’t wallop with whales while weathering white woodpeckers. Word.

Wh… Oh fuck it! Walloping wizards and white woodpeckers win. “Your a Winner!” (in best Samburg impersonation)

Hahahaha. Wigga What?! Wigga Who?!