While few of us openly admit it, we’re all a little addicted to what’s going on in Hollywood.  News about a movie we’ve been waiting years to get made… or which skanky Hollywood whoo-er is sluttin it up with what wanna-be action star… we love it.  So, here’s a little bit of what we all want… your Hollywood-Crack.

Saturday Night Live News: Who’s leaving, and who’s joining the show.  We mentioned back in August that Will Forte will be leaving the coveted comedian’s showcase after 8 seasons… and according to theComicsComic SNL could be adding as many as 4 new faces to the show (time for some fresh talent if you ask me).  Just who, exactly, is good enough for the late Saturday time-slot?  Rumored are; MadTV alum Taran Killam, Chicago-based Paul Brittain and Venessa Bayer as well as impressionist Jay Pharoah.

For a total run-down of what’s been going on over the past 3-4 months, TheHollywoodReporter.com put together a nice list they’ve called “Hollywood’s Winners and Losers of Summer”.  Actors, directors, genres, movies… they have it all, and you can check it out right HERE.

"I'm Still Here"

Joaquin Phoenix: I know!  Great actor from some of our favorite flicks goes off the deep-end and we’re not really sure why.  Sadly none of us can forget the awkwardness of his Letterman interview (check it out below) from a year ago.  Well, Casey Affleck’s documentary “I’m Still Here” about Joaquin’s transition from A-list actor to fuzzy rapper opened this past weekend during the Venice film Festival.  The biggest buzz following the screening was the graphic display of alcohol & drug use.  Surprising?  The second thing that confused viewers started to ask was if the entire thing was a hoax (especially considering a clean-shaven and well dressed Joaquin was seen hanging around).  Affleck said “I can tell you that there is no hoax. That never even entered into my consciousness until other people began to talk about the movie.”  Don’t think I’m going to toss a couple hours of my life away watching this one… but it sure is fun to see how it all plays out.  And here’s that Letterman interview:[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBoGNBSLYRY&fs=1&hl=en_US&rel=0&border=1]