It is no secret that we love the impending Zombie apocalypse.  It isn’t that we are worried that we won’t be able to handle it, we just want to be as prepared as we can be.  And one of the ways to become better prepared is by doing research.  Research by using one of the best shows on TV, The Walking Dead!!!!  Well now you can pick up season two of the critically acclaimed zombie drama.  Personally, I think season 2 was light years ahead of season 1, so if you missed it, why not pick up season 2 in an ultra cool fashion with this limited edition Zombie head from Amazon? The head, complete with a screw driver through the brain is actually an ingenious holding spot for your season 2 discs.  Oh yeah, it has art and function, as well as all around bad-ass-ness!  Ringing in at a cool $70, it might be a little excessive.  But think of all the other times you did something excessive that wasn’t nearly as cool as this!