** Warning – Mild Spoilers… well, not really, but some of you people get bent out of shape if we don’t say it**

If your favorite science fiction movie is Transformers 3, then Prometheus is not for you.  Also, you need a little education.  Transformers is not science fiction.  It’s a Hollywood action movie with space robots.  “Not that there’s anything wrong with that!”

But, I (Dr. Dave) am a geek.  And any good geek knows what to expect with Prometheus…a gritty, eye-popping, realistic and slowly developing epic.  Its characters have issues, are self-absorbed, and are more real than your typical sci-fi flick.  Except for some of the early scenes where we meet the android David (which for the geek you’ll notice many homages to Stanley Kurbrick’s 2001), the images are usually dark and grimy (you can almost feel the dirt under your nails).  This type of filmmaker really takes you “into” the story, making you part of the experience, as opposed to watching from the audience.

It’s a prequel to Alien, but don’t go in thinking it’s Alien -1 or you’ll be disappointed.  It’s a different movie, with different creatures and storyline.  And, yes, it’s technically a Sci-Fi Horror movie, but it’s much less horror than the originals in 1979.  That movie was built on a vicious alien creature stalking the crew and springing out any time.  But in 2012, it takes a lot more to truly scare the audience, so Prometheus doesn’t try.  It still got chills, but it’s more about story development.

So, yes, I loved it.  But it’s not without faults.  The story has some big holes, which is very un-Ridley Scott.  It was written with the hopes of a sequel, so those holes may be filled later.  Even so, it leaves you unsatisfied on several points.

So, in the end, if you loved Alien, then you’re guaranteed to like Prometheus.  If you loved Blade Runner, then you’ll love Prometheus.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you’re probably better off just seeing Avengers again.