Do you love to drink?  More importantly… do you love to do shots?  Also, do you hate traditional birthday cards?? (I mean really… they’re kind of a monumental waste of time and paper right?  I think about you… you think about me… we all get it, no need to drop $4 to say it… unless money is included).  Well… all that grumbling aside… we now introduce badassery at its origamical best (yes, I just made up the word origamical… that’s just what we do here) –  55hi’s Shot Glass Card ($5).

On their website they describe their paper-mastery as such:

Introducing The Shot GlassCard. A birthday card that allows for immediate celebration. Available in two formats:

The Bottle Hanger Card: The card features a diecut circle at the top to attach it to all sizes of bottle (even the enormous Absolut bottles if you mean serious business).

Regular A2 Card w/ Envelope: If you know the party you are going to is already stocked, perhaps just going with a regular card is more in order. Each A2 card comes with a matching Whip Cream envelope and no top section to attach to a bottle.

Each shot glass is assembled origami style without any additional elements. It holds approximately 1oz of liquid without leaks for hours.

Just awesome!