In case you didn’t know… at the WGUB, we heart the outdoors!  More specifically… CAMPING!  In fact, we’ve written bunches of articles about some of the best new gear you can take along with you on your personal explorations.  Did you miss them???  What the hell???  This is all for you my friend!  Well, hey.  No hard feelings okay.  For your personal reading pleasure, here are links to all of the items we’ve talked about.  Keep in mind… every single one of these items have been taken out to the wilds of our great United States.  They been used, abused, and pushed to their limits… all of which came out of the dust cloud with hardly a blemish.  They were all awesome, which means they made the grade to be here.  There were, of course, things that didn’t stand the true WGUB test… but we don’t talk about them.

Let our hardened experience make your travels a better one!

FOOT JOY:  All things delicious for your little piggies!  For evening with a little chill go HERE (hint: see the pic), if it’s just Frigid try Bugathermo Boots and for the overall ultimate in comfort (period!)… go HERE.  If you’re more of an energetic trail blazer… then your ultimate must-haves are HERE &  HERE!

ZZZzzzz: For the best you can possibly own in tents and sleeping comfort… you have but one stop.  HERE (hint… it’s a Coleman)  For those of you that prefer to roll into the campground… we found a sick little tow-along HERE.

Ahhhh, it’s DARK: Time to be honest…  you get a little creeped out by how dark it is in the wild.  Be honest… you’re amongst friends.  At times, it seems like the closest light is coming from those twinkly things way up in the sky.  Well, we have help.  For the best (and I mean the hella bestest shit you can find ANYWHERE) go HERE.  For something with a twist of “fun” check out HERE.

Tools of the Trade:  We are men (okay… manly-ish) and if there’s one thing we love… it our tools!  OKAY… we are men and women, and one thing we love is our tools.  And each other.  And Rocky Road Ice-Cream.  For camping, we looked long and hard to find the best damn tools ever… and HERE’S what we found.

Also… we’ve discovered a bit of a trend.  When it comes to badassery with a blade, we always find ourselves drawn to one particular maker.  Gerber Legendary Blades.  Knives, shovels, axes, flashlights, etc… regardless of what we needed done, these guys made the perfect product that not only did the job magically well.  But also with a solid design and nearly unbreakable resolve.

What else?  For some good ole rocking the Mother Nature Casaba… go HERE.  For Grillin… go HERE.  For camping with a bit of a twist… go HERE.  If Zombies start attacking… go HERE.  To get your drink on… go HERE.  And for when you just get bored staring at the bounty of awesomeness our sexy Earth is throwing at you (Loser) then go HERE.

If you went through everything I just placed out in front of you like the most amazing Thanksgiving spread ever… and you still couldn’t find what you needed.  Then go screw yourself.