Seems like everyday there are new cell phones hitting the market.  And while we don’t comment on each and every one, we thought we would put together a little bit on some of the new ones that were announced recently.  See, isn’t one stop shopping nice?

While it is still a toss-up between Netflix and Facebook on who will eeventually topple world governments and rule us puny humans, HTC and Facebook have partnered on two android phones that are being dubbed “Facebook” phones.  The HTC ChaCha and Salsa will come with a specific Facebook button on each phone to allow you to instantly update your status, share news articles, pictures, random thoughts about whatever.   Sounds a little extreme yes?  Here is the kicker, the buttons actually light up when they think something you are doing might be Facebook worthy.  Crazy right?  Get a call from a friend, well their latest and greatest status update will flash on your phone as well.  No pricing is available, and the phones will be available later in the year and will run on the AT&T network.   More on these phones here.

As for the devices themselves, the HTC ChaCha features a full QWERTY keyboard and a 2.6-inch, 480×320-pixel-resolution touch screen, while the Salsa is an all-touch smartphone, with a 3.4-inch, 480×320-pixel-resolution display.

Both smartphones will run Android 2.4 Android 2.3.3 (not Android 2.4 as reported in an earlier press release) and have back-facing 5-megapixel cameras and front-facing VGA cameras for video calls.

Also announced this week was Sony’s Xperia Play PlayStation Phone.  On the outside, this is a normal Android phone.  But with a flick of the thumbs, you slide out not a keyboard, but a full on controls that mimic the controller on a Playstation.  This phone has more specs then we care to or can list on this site so you can go here and check those out.  It is strange that Sony would put this out as a direct rival to its NGP that was recently announced.  No price tag on this phone as of yet either.  Look for it to hit stores later in the year and run on Verizon’s network.   However, the phone isn’t 4G (LTE), so hopefully the 3G network will be able to hold up for this and the Iphone4 that was recently launched on Verizon.