One of the biggest kept secrets in the world (behind the recipe for Bush’s Baked Beans, Victoria’s Secret, and our true identities) is the secret recipe for Coca-Cola Classic.  Well, now producers of the radio show This American Life are claiming they have ran across a copy of the secret recipe in an old copy of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Coca-Cola’s hometown newspaper.

Many companies have been able to crack most of the Coke’s recipes, (see Pepsi) but missing is the familiar bite that Coca-Cola classic has that is different from Pepsi.  Reportedly what gives Coke this signature flavor is the 7X flavoring that is added to the syrup.  According to legend this secret is one of the greatest kept secrets by the company.  So secret that only two people know it at any given time and as such these two people cannot travel together in fear of losing the recipe.

According to This American Life, whom recreated the recipe (here) had mixed results during blind taste tests of their attempt at it.  And of course Coca-Cola is decrying the story as false.  Either way, it is kind of a fun idea that someone might have stumbled upon one of America’s best kept secrets simply by doing a little research.

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