You want to know how to instantly earn a place in our hall of fame?  Have your lead photo on your website say, “Duke Cannon doesn’t spend $120 on a f**king polo shirt.”  Tip of the cap to you sirs.

Duke Cannon Supply Co. just might be most manly store on the net.  Frankly, I can picture Ron Swanson sitting down and buying out everything they offer.  We were originally drawn to Duke Cannon because of the rumor of a bar of soap called the Big Ass Brick of Soap.  Yes dear friends, it is real.

The Big Ass Soap Brick ($5)

Yeah, we know.  Impressive is an understatement right?  The brick is modeled after the same soap that GIs used during the Korean War and is actually manufactured by the same company that made and supplied soap for the military for 20 years.   It doesn’t claim that it will get you laid, but it will get you the pure scent that a man should smell like.  If you need girly smelling stuff to accomplish that, well maybe you should check out the site’s section on how to cure your Mangina. Frankly, if you have some free time spending 10 minutes on the site will defiantly make your day.  Shoot, I’m seriously thinking of changing my home page.

Don’t think you can just dial-up Duke Cannon and pick up one of these, oh no.  You’ll need to buy in bulk, cause frankly that is what men do. We don’t buy one of anything right?  With three levels of purchase of 3, 6, and 24 pack make your choice wisely.  Of course, anyone that names their 24 pack “The Fuck-Ton” has earned the right to swipe my credit card.  Be sure to check out Duke Cannon’s reward program.  Can we say awesome?!?!?!