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We learned late last week that over a million people have downloaded Backbreaker, a quasi football game that is available on Xbox Live‘s arcade (and Playstation).  Well, I downloaded the demo recently and I have to say something.

I’m sorry that over a million people wasted their money on this game.  The visuals were great, well made and all.  No complaint there.  Where this game really lacks is in the controls.  Would it hurt the developers to program for a button?  This isn’t Fight Night Round 4 where you do all your punching with the toggle sticks. 

I’m not saying this game was supposed to be Madden 11.  But it came over as a cheap version of NFL Blitz.  Except that game was better.  Maybe the full game is better, but by just the Demo, this game isn’t worth picking up. 

Have you played it?  Let us know your thoughts.