We don’t know what is more alarming about his career trend.  The fact that he is starring in a sequel to this movie, or the fact that we just heard he is going to be in Fast and The Furious 5.   This sequel to 2008’s 250 million dollar 3D hit will be loosely based on  Jules Verne‘s “The Mysterious Island“. 

We do know who won’t be in this sequel, Brendan Fraser.  I guess that is a good thing.  How could a guy that was so good in the Mummy Trilogy have fallen so far? 

Look Dwayne, we love you.  You’re one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and all.  You’re even a good actor.  But go back to roles like The Rundown or The Other Guys and stop doing kids movies.  You’re an action star buddy.   It’s almost like you are trying to Kindergarten Cop your way to governor of California.  If you get our drift.