We’ve spoken about the insanely comfortable and easy to wear Sanük (Suh-nook) before (Remember with us HERE) and even gave you the heads-up when they started their weekly Friday segment “Sanük News” (HERE).  After a wonderful response from our readers (that’s you) we decided to get down and dirty with the not-a-shoe maker’s upcoming Fall line-up.

Right off the bat, I thinks it’s only fair to warn you… if your little piggys suffer from pre-mature footgasms you may want to cover them up while reading this article.  Also, you just may want to harm the writers out of pure jealousy.  Moving on!

I’ve owned a pair of Sanüks for a couple of years now after a very, VERY nice person bought me a pair of closed-toed Vagabonds for my birthday.  Little did I know what he had really done (FYI still think he was secretly paid off by the makers)… about a week later I found the nearest surfer apparel store (surfers are big fans of the Sanük) and promptly picked up an open-toed Beer Cozy sandal… since then, if I’m not at work I am quite literally either going barefoot or wearing one of the two.  Around the yard, camping, running to the store, sporting events, road trips… ALWAYS wearing them.  Why you ask?  BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOMELY COMFORTABLE!!!!!!! Back to the article… One thing that we pride ourselves with at the WGUB is giving our readers (you again!) a legitimate field-tested result of how a product works… yes we talk about stuff that we’ve only heard of as well… but when we really get down and dirty it’s only because we tried it ourselves.

Case in point… for the past few weeks we’ve been field testing the Sanük Donny Chill ($60), a furry representation of their regular Donny shoe, clearly designed with perfection in mind.  To the point that these could quite possibly replace my Ugg boots (which is really saying a lot!).  With this sandal in my collection I can now wear Sanüks year round and never have my most valuable walking assets get too hot… or too cold.  Comfortable really doesn’t even start to explain how these feel on your feet!  The best compliment I can think of giving the Sanük company for their entire line of sandals is that it feels like I’m not wearing anything… but without the harshness of walking barefoot.  I asked EggshellWhite & PaysteeWhite if they had anything to add, and here’s what they had to say:

Eggshell: “If California was a shoe, it would be Sanüks”

Paystee: “The best way to describe how Sanük’s feel……If Jesus, Oprah and Justin Bieber collaborated on shoe apparel aaaaand you were experiencing a 24 hour orgasm thru each orifice.  It’s like sticking your feet in vaginas.  Soft, furry vaginas.”

To be completely upfront, the Donny Chills were worn in a cool coastal climate… an area they were obviously created for.  How these would hold up in a more harsh winter area… I’m not really sure, but I can imagine it would be amazing everywhere.  And next week when we go into the mountainous wild to field-test new gear… you better believe these bad-boys are going along!!!

Now, let’s take everything we know about Sanüks…the Sandals, Sidwalk Surfers (Covered sandals), amazing image, extreme comfort, footgasms, etc… and let’s set all of that aside.

After talking with one of the bitchenest PR people around, we found out that Sanük is about to hop on a new wave… they are going to take a run at Sanük attire!  She was kind enough to send us a couple of T-shirts ($24-26) to see what they are working towards and I have one thing to say… Holy Shit it was comfortable!!!!  It had to have been the softest, most nipple-hardeningly amazing layer of fabric ever worn.  They take what they know about shoes and wave that magic wand all over the damn place.  Are the people at Sanük angels?  Geniuses… no doubt… but what else?  How did they get their shirts so soft?  Do they have Marsha Brady brushing out the sheep’s wool 100 times every night before bed?  It’s as if they pulled fluffy clouds from the heavens and weaved it into a magical fabric, which they then had supermodels rub all over and then make shirts with.  Dammit… I just drooled on my keyboard a little.

On top off all the awesomeness, Sanük has a division of their company called the R.A.S.T.A. Project (Recycled And Sustainable Trade Alliance) where they go above and beyond to make sure that creating their Jesus shoes (what I call them… because he obviously would have worn them too) have the smallest eco-impact possible on the world.

For your viewing pleasure, here are a few shots of the gear… modeled by friends of the WGUB.