Are you like most of us hard-working Americans and relentlessly hit the snooze button every morning until your daily routine is more of a mad scramble than a relaxed news-paper-reading jaunt?  Dude… us too!

I think we may have something that can help.  The new iwhatever app Snooze (Free).  In a nutshell… you set up your account real quick-like online, sync it with your ithingy, then… every time you hit ye ole snooze button.  Are you ready for this?  You DONATE $0.25 to a non-profit in the LetGive network!!!  How balls-tingling awesome is that?!?!?!  You’ll be inspired to either… A. get off your lazy ass so you’re not tossing hard-earned money into the black abyss; or B. snooze, snooze, snooze your cash away for the low price of $0.25 a hit… and 10 extra minutes of much deserved rest.

Can’t really say that I lean either way.  I suppose… if you think about it, the days you’re a little extra strapped for cash and feeling sorry for yourself this might actually force you get the hell outta bed and make something of your life.  On the days you’re doing a little better than your Mom ever anticipated when she kicked you out of the house and said to get a f’ing real life… you can grab a few extra Z’s.

Here’s how those crazy foolios at LetGive Inc. describe Snooze:


Snooze is a simple alarm clock that resides on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad that allows you to pledge $0.25 to a nonprofit in the LetGive network every time you hit snooze. Twice a month you’ll have the opportunity to donate the value of your Snoozes to the nonprofit.

Features of the Snooze Alarm Clock:

– Every Snooze is a pledge to one of our non-profits

– Beautifully designed clock displays time brightly and clearly

– Receive alarms even when the application is closed

– All alarms are set to repeat daily