Aside from being a random motley crue of mismatched ramblings and crazy talk… one thing you can find on our site is real-life reviews of all the things you love!  That’s right… we do whatever we can to get our grimy little paws on the latest and greatest around (as well as a few things you didn’t even know you wanted) and review the shitballs out of it.

We drag it through the mud, toss it off of tall buildings and use it harder than you would ever use it on your own!  “And we do this why?” you ask… so that you can really know if the stuff we write about is worth your hard-earned cash.  We take the best… and display it’s awesomeness for you all to see.  All of the other garbage gets tossed on the floor and their chunks of worthless parts become food for the more worthy tech.  Those things that don’t pass the WGUB test… well, you can usually find snarky bullshit reviews written about them everywhere else.

Don’t see something you’re curious about?  Holla acha boys and we’ll let you know if it crossed our path.

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