Remember back in early August when we told you all about Sharpie’s new miracle pencil that was going to revolutionize the way people wrote?  No?  Well you can remember along with us HERE.  After looking and looking we finally found one in our local Target.  (Side-note: Target ROCKS!)  So here is our official review of the Brand New Sharpie Liquid Pencil ($5 – 2/pack)…


Comfort and style are pretty much a given anymore when it comes to all things Sharpie… but what they are really know for is their wonderful ability to write well.  Hell, it’s the go-to pen for every celebrity and athlete the world over.  With the pencil… they fall tremendously short!  It writes like it is always almost out of ink.  Bleck!!!  Here’s an example:

Oh… need a closer look?  Okay… see: