Sure sure, we know that there is another first person shooter out today, rhymes with slack flops right?(Relive our coverage with us here)  But in our ever diligent way, we are always looking forward to the future.  And one game that intrigued us is an upcoming game by Kaos Studios/THQ called, Homefront.

“Penned by John Milius (Apocalypse Now, Red Dawn), Homefront is set ten years into a global energy crisis, and follows the American Civilian Resistance as they fight to reclaim their homeland from an oppressive North Korean occupation. With the fourth largest standing army in the world, the now nuclear North Korea has overtaken not only South Korea, but has become a major internal threat to a struggling United States. Details of the occupation will be revealed in future updates, as well as having mysteries unraveled in the single player campaign. “

From the news that we have been getting on this game, the story mode is supposed to be very riveting.  Word is from people who have tested the game is that the first level itself solicits quite the emotional response.  From Gizmodo’s report on the game:

“And then I heard the pitched, despairing voice of a mother telling her child not to look. To turn away. To not let what was going to happen next be an unforgetable scar. The scene came into view: a child wailing as his parents are lined up against a wall and shot to death. I wanted to climb out of that bus and take action. Soon, a resistance fighter rammed the bus with a truck, freed my character and handed me a machine gun. For the first time in a war game, I wanted to make the bad guys pay.” Stephen Totilo,

The game just sounds intense and really that is what war is.  Most of us will never get to experience (hopefully) the intense nature of war.  And it seems the writers and developers of this game wanted not only a timely story, but a provocative one at that. 

While we don’t know how this will stack up to the famous (infamous?) level in Call of Duty: MW2 where you have to play as an undercover CIA operative and basically kill civilians in an airport, for one thing it is pushing the envelope on story telling.  We think that it might just do the trick of taking  the first person shooter back to where the campaign is the best part of the game!

The game is set to release on 03/08/2011 and we will for sure keep you updated as we get more information on it.  For more info, check out the website for the game by going here.

It is available for pre-order here as well.