I know what you’re thinking, “White Glossy, I think you’ve finally lost it”.  Well you’re mostly correct.  But in this case I’m talking about the quirky little addition to iPhone 4 skins by Etsy. The iPhone 4 default UI – iPhone 4 Skin Decal ($5).  Tap-tap-tap away at Angry Birds your important business email while people look at you like you’ve gone off the deep end… because what looks to you like “hard work”, looks like you’re tapping on the back of your phone to everyone else.  See… quirky.

Is this skin functional?  Ummm… sure, it keeps the back of your phone from getting scratched.  Is it fun and a geeky practical joke?  Most definitely!

Pick one up (it’s only $5 people… skip the latte for one afternoon) and enjoy confused stares for months to come!