I know what you’re thinking… “WhiteGlossy its Summer for gods sake, why the hell are you talking about snowmen?”  Well WGUBers, this is when they’ll catch us off guard!!!!

You need to be prepared friends.  The Snowmen (SM) conspirators are trying to draw your attention away from the serious SM scare by dangling this pretend Zombie Apocalypse in front of your face (which you can find anything and everything you’ll ever need to survive right HERE)… well, you need to be prepared for the real scare… the SNOWMAN APOCALYPSE!!!!  And there is only one thing you can use against these evil spawns of frozen satan… Ice bullets!!!  When we’re on the front lines screaming “Back thee frigid demons” I’m putting my trust in only the best ammunition… AK Ice-Rounds ($8) from our life-saving amigos at Think Geek.

Of course, you just might be more of a hand-to-hand kinda brawler… or the “Quick Ice” setting on your freezer is a load of shit too… either way, we’ve got your back with Ice-Swords ($15)!!!!

Now, you’re ready.  Good luck and we’ll hopefully see you on the other side!

PS – Yes I made this up… and no I’m not crazy.  Well… that crazy.